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New Found Glory at Leeds Cockpit 7/2/08

Leeds Cockpit
7th February 2008

There’s something almost religious about seeing New Found Glory in such a small venue. The intimate settings of the cockpit contrast heavily with the huge venues NFG are playing as support to Paramore, and the hardcore fan base at the cockpit allows for a near perfect show. The fantastic mix of classic fan favourite songs and current covers from latest album From Screen to Stereo 2, New Found Glory know how to put on a show.

Support comes from The Conditions and You Me At Six. The epiletic inducing lighting during The Conditions set really detracted from their sound, but it was good to hear their tightly performed pop-rock sound on a proper support slot than on the Paramore shows where they were largely ignored. You Me At Six’s set is dogged by sound difficulties and resort to half covering Rihanna’s Umbrella – something which is becoming overdone in the genre. It’s not that either band are bad, it’s more that for a headline band who are pop-punk perfection, you’d expect the support bands to have a little of the uncontained ecstasy found in New Found Glory songs.

New Found Glory themselves play a perfect set with almost all fan classics, including a unique request for ‘2’s and 3’s’ from first album Nothing Gold Can Stay; an album which is usually ignored from NFG sets, but proves that the band are willing to please their fans regardless. The band banter on stage like they’re talking to old friends, joking that overweight guitarist Ian Crushinck and his pink towel turban should grace the covers of Men’s Health. The crowd laps up the songs, singing along with favourites like ‘Hit and Miss’ and the interaction with ‘Coming Home’ sounds hymn-like.

Their enthusiastic brand of unadulterated pop-punk puts New Found Glory at the top of their genre and this small show proves just how good they can be. Each song proves just how good they can be and how strong each album they produce sounds live. The crowd laps up everything on stage. There really are few gigs better than this.

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NFG hung round the cockpit afterwards and chatted to fans, which was ace to get to say hi to one of my favourite bands. Also the music at the cockpit was awesome and there was just good song after good song, which is why we ended up leaving so late. Hey, they played Brand New twice, how could it not be good?

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