Africa in Solihull

Yesterday I discovered Africa…in Solihull.  My mum has been on about this place since we both (separately) moved over to South Birmingham/Solihull last year and finally got round to taking me to Akamba.

Forgive my ignorance, I’m not a gardener at all – I’ve only just been allowed a third indoor plant that I’m trying not to kill, but this place is breathtaking.  It’s acres (apparently, I had to look it up) of exotic plants and greenery. Amongst the green plant things I saw a fantastic deeply purple coloured plant that I tried to convince myself would be good for my desk at work – if I worked in a sunny office, which I don’t.  Or an iron giraffe for the garden.

We also stopped there for bunch; they do a lovely bacon sandwich and mum’s cheese and bacon wrap looked lovely too.  And had a wander round the gift shop bit.  Mum finally got to show me what the tyre-shoes she talked about seeing in Africa when she was there climbing Kilimanjaro.

I took some photos whilst we were there, as my housemate and I are indulging in project 365 this year, so my camera tends to be everywhere with me.  I tried to take the photos without looking sketchy, so they’re not great but it turns out I needn’t have worried as I spotted a few people with SLR cameras as we were leaving.  My mum informed me that they were an internet group who had come all the way from Lancashire to try and buy some rather rare plants.  Which seems slightly mad to me, but then again this place is rather special – or as my mum put it “not exactly Homebase is it”.

They are having some kind of Caribbean BBQ there on Bank Holiday Monday, which I’m trying to convince the housemates we should talk a walk down to see/eat.  Which is unlikely to happen, but at least I’ve tried!

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