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Day four: Brand New roadtrip 2009 – Birmingham

After very little sleep we leave Liverpool, where we stayed at Jo’s. We pick Jamie up and head home to Brum. It’s midway through and the lack of sleep, irratic eating kinda made today a bit of a quiet one. Well, until we braved the monsoon part two and headed for the Windsor in B’ham city centre for drinks and the only meal of the day.

As expected, we lose half the group before Moneen come on stage. Tonight they’re as good as Glasgow and the lead singer is chatty and full of praise for M&S food range for vegetarians. They’re definitely a great addition to the tour and I’ve really enjoyed seeing them each night.

Kevin Devine starts with Ballgame, played on acoustic, which just highlights the noisy chatting from the crowd. However once the band is taken on stage the audience seem to pay attention. Once again he is great.

The failings of Birmingham academy as a venue are illustrated well tonight. It’s impossibly hot and uncomfortable in the venue and this is amplified significantly at the front, with wasted space at the back between the bars forcing the audience to pack in closer.

That dosent stop the crowd going crazy for Shower Scene and Quiet Things. The set is much the same as the last two nights, with the exceptions of an Archers of Loaf cover and Welcome to Bangok replaced by a stunning version of SoCo Anaretto Lime.

The club night after seems a little odd-whilst the music is good there seems to be very few people there. But nevertheless a good time is had by all and a rowsing sing-a-long to Jude Law proves a small but enthusiastic group can make a lot of noise.

It’s nice to sleep in my own bed, but we didn’t manage to get back until the small hours and making sure everyone was where they should be takes time. We also bid goodbye to Connor and Shane, who unexpectedly made it this far, but London was just too expensive.

*This was originally posted on my old blog BeanHeartBatman*

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