LUCIA bookcrossing challenge

Through library book-sales and charity shops, my housemate and I carried, in bins and broken bags, 14 books home for the LUCIA bookcrossing challenge which starts on Tuesday.

Our friend and bookcrossing legend, Liz Broomfield, has organised a group of bookcrossers to release books for the LUCIA charity.  Bookcrossing is an online community where members leave books in public places for people to, hopefully, pick up and read. They’re then left, or released, in all manner of places; cafes, pubs, toilets, bus stops, parks, etc…  There are many variations on how they do this, one being challenges, where books are picked around a theme, but also charitable releases.  The two have been combined to raise money and awareness of LUCIA.

Liz has arranged a group of people who are going to release books in September themed around women’s roles, as LUCIA primarily supports women’s groups in Ethiopia.  The response has been overwhelming; there’s over 500 books ready to be released all sporting a specially designed bookplate telling anyone who picks up the books about LUCIA.  The challenge is taking place all around the world, from Birmingham, where the charity is based, to America, Scotland, Canada, Switzerland, Finland and Australia.  There may be more as the challenge starts.

Some of those people who’ve amassed books for the challenge are also sponsoring any of the LUCIA books that are picked up and registered on the bookcrossing site.  So not only will people be made more aware of the charity itself, but it’s raising money too!

More information about the release can be found on the LUCIA site, where Liz has written a post describing the challenge.  There’ll also be regular updates on the site, their twitter and wherever it can be mentioned.

Now, if someone could tell me where best to leave a book called Help! I’m a stepmother

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