To card or not to card – When is a Christmas card appropriate?

My housemate came home earlier with a festive dilemma that made wondering how many minutes to the pound to cook a turkey a doddle.  Christmas cards: who gets one and who gets listed on them.  Actually it’s more complex than that – a near half hour conversation boiled down to the following…

When do you include a significant other – when they’re living together, when they’re married, if you’ve met them?

When should you/your significant other be included in the sending of card – when you’re living together or if you both want to wish that person/persons happy holidays?

Or is it household to household?  In which case, when is it appropriate to stop including family members that have flown the nest?  And if you’ve moved out, should you expect and send a separate card?

And is the use of ‘partner’ or ‘and family’ just a bit rude, especially if they’re not married, they have no children or are just living together?  Should this be used if you’ve no idea who their significant other is and if so are you wishing random strangers happy holidays?

If, as I am, living with friends, should we be sending and receiving cards to mutual friends as a household?

When do you send cards to friends – when you won’t see them near the festive period, people you’re especially close to, people you see on a regular basis (work people)?

Do facebook/text messages on the day make this whole concept redundant?

And finally, are we overthinking this?

I haven’t sent out Christmas cards this year, mainly because I’m only just beginning to catch up with my own life.  But given the in-depth conversation I’ve just taken part in, I think it was probably wise!

*This was originally posted on my old blog Sisyphean Solutions*

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