British Books Challenge 2011

I’m not really one for new years resolutions, but I realised that last year I read less novels than I’d have liked.  I joined a couple of book clubs (one at my previous job and one I’ve ended up running), but the guilt of having to read to monthly deadlines stopped or discouraged me from reading outside of this.

Well enough of that. So I’m signing up to the British Books Challenge 2011 over at The Bookette’s website (not longer seems to be active).  I stumbled across this after late night searches for my first-literary love, Young Adult novels.  And after testing myself out with picking a book because it’s British and having loved it, I think I can squish in another 11 amongst the book club (and guilt).

I’ve just finished Artichoke Hearts by Site Brahmachari and am aiming to read Never the Bride by Paul Magrs as part of the Challenge too.

Bring on the books!
(recommendations gratefully received)

*This was originally posted on my old blog Sisyphean Solutions*

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