Live Lagom – and so it ends?

I can’t believe it’s the official end of the Live Lagom project with Ikea.  I haven’t written about it nearly as much as I’d have liked, but I’ve been busy enjoying the journey – and hoping that a lot of the lessons learnt will continue on.

Back when I was setting my New Year’s Resolutions, and looking for one that would encourage my sustainability, I knew that for me it would be a case of small differences, so I settled on two areas: cook more, thereby being responsible for, and reducing, my food and packaging waste; and continue to make sure my flat was comfy and cosy, without using energy unnecessarily.

So how did I do?

billsI really thought running an award-winning food blog that focuses on dining out, I would really struggle, but I was pleasantly surprised how much of a rhythm I got into with it.  Any excuse for stationery is a good thing in my eyes and I started meal planning, initially a week in advance, but then I moved to a monthly plan – mainly because I was convinced I kept eating the same thing!

I thought I’d hate the predictability of pre-prepared lunch, but I continued to enjoy them and will keep up with it after the project.  I bargained with myself that I needed ten home-prepared meals a Monday through Friday.  A typical turkey meatball lunch worked out to be about £1 per meal, compared to the previous £3 meal deal.  Breakfasts were a mix of toast or porridge, still working out to be about £1 compared to nearly £4 for a coffee and pastry – saving about £20 a week.

In terms of the comfy, cosy flat without using unnecessary energy had the biggest surprise around mid-point day when my energy bill dramatically dropped from £78 to £5 – hard to believe I know!  The original cost was likely calculated based on the previous occupants of the flat and I do expect it to go up after the surplus has been depleted, but the energy company is suggesting it’ll be about £25 a month, which is still a monthly saving of £53.

It’s only an estimate, but if my maths is correct that’s a yearly saving of around £1,500!

What next?

long_way_to_goDuring the project there’s been a LiveLagom Facebook group of other people who are also involved in the project with other Ikea’s up and down the country.  It has been a wealth of ideas, inspiration and mainly enthusiasm.  There has also been a couple of meet ups at Ikea and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about everyone else’s journey.

My main plan is to carry on doing what I’m doing.  I’d also like to start cooking more vegan meals because it seems meat-free meals are better for the environment and I don’t get on too well with dairy.  I also want to get better at writing shopping lists and sticking to them!  And now that the evenings are lighter I want to take advantage of it and walk home from work more.

I want to say a massive thank you to Ikea for asking me to be part of this journey, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, not only the saving money but also the lessons learnt and interactive with a vibrant and passionate community.

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