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Blog and Beyond roadshow, Birmingham

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I’ve been to a few blog workshop sessions now and it’s always hard to know what to expect from them, but I really enjoyed the relaxed and intimate vibe of Blog & Beyond roadshow.

Founder of Blog & Beyond, Charlotte, teamed up with Kirsty from Kirsty Leanne to organise a series of events up and down the country aimed at providing “an afternoon of blogging chat, workshops and panels. Hear from leading influencers about turning their hobbies into a business, join in the discussion about the future of blogging and discover the best ways to pitch to your dream brands.”  The sessions were set up with three talks, finishing off with a panel and I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute as a panellist on the final session of the evening.

The Birmingham leg of the Blog & Beyond roadshow took place at Alpha Works located on the twenty-first floor or Alpha Tower, right in the heart of Birmingham city centre.  It’s a co-working space with plenty of break out rooms and private booths for taking phone calls, as well as very nice coffee.  And being so high up, the views of Birmingham (despite being a bit of a building site) were fantastic.


Charlotte, whose blog was known for years as Colours and Carousels but recently announced a rebrand to By Charlotte Ann, started the afternoon.  Charlotte’s session saw her talking about her blog and career as a copywriter and social media trainer for small businesses.  She talked about being a smaller blogger but the benefits to this, and how the same rules around consistency and brand are as important, as is knowing who your audience is and what they want.  It was great to hear from a blogger who recognises herself as a smaller blogger but understand that just because she doesn’t hit the big figures, she is still able to find a voice and provide value.  Charlotte is also studying for a masters and her knowledge on the academia of online marketing really added another element to the talk.

The second talk of the day was by marketing superstar Teresa Heath-Wareing who did a really valuable session on Instagram. Using both her knowledge as an international speaker and trainer, Teresa also used her own experiment having tested out building a presence.  Teresa echoed Charlotte’s approach to being on brand, expanding it into posting with intention, being consistent and defining what you post and sticking to those topics.  I found a lot of who Teresa said to be really useful, and as someone who doesn’t really post to Instagram much, I’ve been trying to put some of it into practice and found it to have benefits.

The third talk was by Kirsty Leanne who runs her own blog which focuses on travel and being plus-size.  She implored the group not to be afraid to pitch and that bloggers don’t have to have loads of followers but need to be able to show how the blog can add value to the brand and why it’s a good fit.  Kirsty’s talk and mini-exercises were really valuable and gave great insight into feeling the fear but doing it anyway, and recognising your worth and asking for it.


Thanks to some technically issues and very useful tangents, the session ran over so the panel I was on ran a little short, but the discussions around maintaining authenticity and the future of blogging were ones that a lot of people had really good involvement in.

I really enjoyed my afternoon at the Blog & Beyond roadshow, both being asked to be a contributor but also with the amount of knowledge I walked away with.  The sessions were relaxed and the inputs from speakers and attendees really meant that there was a wide breadth of experience and advice, and everyone was really keen to help each other improve.

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