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Hair the Musical, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham

HAIR THE MUSICAL, , Director - Jonathan O’Boyle, Lighting - Bem M Rogers, Choreographer - William Whelton, Designer - Maeve Black, New Wimbledon Theatre, London, UK, 2019, Credit: Johan Persson

Sometimes you have to know when to admit defeat. After battling with a migraine since about 2am in the morning, and trying my best to do a day’s work, my colleague took pity on me / was sick of the sight of me (delete as appropriate) and told me to go home.  So instead of an evening catching up with a friend and going to see Hair the Musical at the Alexandra Theatre, I went home to bed.  Turns out this was probably a wise idea as the bright lights, big songs and colourful stage would probably not have done much for the monstrous headache I had.  Thankfully my friend Jo-ann was still able to go along, and she was kind enough to write up her thoughts.  So over to Jo-ann…

So I agreed to attend Hair on a whim as I didn’t really know much about the show apart from the scandalous banning of it back in the day. I did some cursory research on the cast and saw it featured some X Factor contestants etc. I saw plenty of posters advertising this 50th anniversary touring show around town and was excited to see a modern take on the hippie generation.

On taking my seat I was impressed by the set design and stage lighting. I certainly felt ready to go on a colourful trip back to the late 60s. The cast emerged onto the stage and the show began. From then to close it was a production full of song, colour inclusivity and hope.


Firstly we were introduced to Berger (Jake Quickenden) who charmed and enthralled the audience from the get go with his free-loving positive spirit. Through the various top tapping songs we meet other tribe members and learn about their entangled love lives and dilemmas.

The ensemble cast whip their way through the songs with no off notes and dizzying dance routines. The set design adds to the counter culture vibe and successful ingrates the musicians into the production. It’s the songs that carry you through this show for sure.

The cast interact with the audience throughout the show and this draws you into and at some points I feel like I’m under the influence. I thought I only knew one song but I was sorely mistaken as I found myself singing along to most of them, over the years they must have just seeped into my brain.

The cast were all excellent but special shout outs to Woof (Bradley Judge), Jeanie (Alison Arnopp) and Dionne (Aiesha Pease) whose characters and voices really impressed.

The underlying story is still relevant today particularly given Extinction Rebellion’s recent protests across the UK, but this is light hearted way to engage with some profound issues.

The critically-acclaimed 50th anniversary production of Hair – The Musical is on at The Alexandra Theatre from Monday 29 April – Saturday 4 May 2019, with tickets available at

This was a press event. Photos and their copyright belong to Johan Persson.

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