About me

It’s always tricky to know what to write here.

I’m not sure what the website’s about, so I’m not sure what to include on the About Me page either.

And I hate when “So tell me about yourself” is responded to with a job title.

About Laura…

Laura has been in love with stories for about as long as she can remember.  She can still map out the layout of the local library she went to as a child, but can’t draw it because she is hopeless at drawing.  The thrill of going to the cinema is never dulled despite the fact she goes, a lot. Nor is the rush of joy of getting new books, whether they’re from the bookshop, presents or as a surprise in the post.  Laura doesn’t go to gigs as much as she used to, but she still loves the storytelling in songs. 

Like a lot of people who like stories, Laura also really likes stationery, namely notebooks and hopes one day to have big enough and important enough thoughts to fill those notebooks with.  For now she’s content with using them to fill ‘to do’ lists and notes from all the talks she goes to. On realising that a lot of the events she goes to don’t always get covered elsewhere, or that the information is useful to a wider group than those in the room, Laura is now trying to make more notes and share them on her blog.  This is also because Laura loves to write, because writing is basically storytelling even if it’s just about a set of ideas someone else has.

This love of story consuming, storytelling and being organised as an excuse to use more stationary means Laura’s career path has been what most people would call a portfolio career. But Laura would tell you it’s about making sure interesting stories are shared, whether that’s telling people about the great drinks on offer in a cocktail bar, explaining medical information in an easy to understand fashion or arranging a kickass event so other people can hear some great stories.

Birmingham in the UK is Laura’s hometown and she briefly moved up north for university, but she came back because the lack of being neither north nor south means that people here are pretty good at being forgotten about and she wants to help tell their stories.  Since her sister moved to Australia, a part of Laura’s heart belongs to Melbourne too, and Galway in Ireland where her Dad’s family live.  She is convinced that part of the reason she likes all three places so much is that the people in those cities radiate kindness and friendliness, which explains why she always gets stopped and asked for directions wherever she is. She never minds this at all. 

Laura’s ability to navigate around is also helped by her stubborn refusal to learn to drive. She walks a fair amount, cycles a bit and uses public transport a lot.  She will do whatever she can to avoid using taxis.  She is passionate about active travel and public transport because it means there are less cars on the road, more chance to people watch (or have a quick nap) and it means less pollution in the air.  She likes to think of herself as someone who cares about the planet, but doesn’t like to be too ‘right on’ about it and hasn’t quite worked out her ethical approach to meat-eating, despite being someone who will detour off a walk to go say hello to the cows.

Having grown up the daughter of a farmer’s son, Laura really likes animals, but also thinks they’re really tasty, although she’s not overly keen on dairy because it does not agree with her.  She documents her food adventures over on an award-winning food and drinks blog, which has also seen her write for a number of national publications, and appear on the radio and television. She’s still surprised by all of this.

Laura hopes this answers some of the things you’d like to know, because she’s finding it a bit weird writing about herself in third person. She’d also like to tell you she doesn’t like raw tomatoes and wishes people would stop putting them on things.


Last edited 26/02/19.

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    Hi Laura
    For some strange reason, ‘WordPress’ (host of my website/blog) has emailed me about a’pingback’ to the ‘about me’ page on that site. Here’s the link they sent
    I wouldn’t normally open an unknown link, but I know about the UrbanCoffee BookClub, because you kindly selected Paper Lanterns for one of your books.
    Here’s a link to a page where I explain the strange way that a book club in Tennessee discovered my book via your on-line book club.
    I wanted to thank you at the time, and left a message on the Book Club site, but I don’t know if you got it.
    Best wishes

    Christine Coleman

    March 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm
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