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Envy and Other Sins at the Birmingham Barfly 29/4/08

29th April 2008
Birmingham Barfly

Winners of the T-mobile Act Unsigned and local boys Envy and Other Sins’ homecoming gig at the Barfly was likely to be something special and the inclusion of a small string section on the heavily cramped stage really made it. Teaming up with fellow Brummie band Deluka their quirky indie-rock has lost a lot of its power-pop elements and focused more on the popular British indie explosion. Deluka’s female front-woman is a nice change, but with an electro/pop/indie sound they come off sounding a little like Garbage’s beautfulgarbage album.

EaOS have evidently learnt a lot from winning but the victim is their quirkiness which has been tempered down dramatically since pre-signing. Sure the numerous lamps and period clothing are present, but the music whilst tighter, stronger and technically better, isn’t nearly as fun –perhaps its the fact they’re not longer a pub band. Their homecoming show also hears the pre-signing single ‘Prodigal Son’ being played, despite its absence from the album and most of the tour which is fantastic for the B’ham crowd, but a disappointment, as it really is a fantastically varied and upbeat song.

There’s no doubt that EaOS deserved to win, and they clearly care about their act. Their sound, whilst fitting in the indie genre, does vary from the skinny-jeaned norm, but edges more towards it that it did before. It’s just a shame they’ve cleaned up their sound, I liked their perfect pop-indie sounds a little bit unhinged.

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