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All Tomorrow’s Parties 2009 – Breeders

ATP was, as expected, fantastic and I had one up on last years in that I’d actually seen one of the bands and dragged everyone to see the Bronx. They were fantastic and seemed better than when I saw them before.  And their side project Mariachi el Bronx were surprisingly hilarious too – who knew a punk band could play traditional Mexican music?!

Beccy had seen Whispertown 2000 in America so we had to see them and they were really enjoyable.  A little twee (bluegrass-country stuff) and the lead singer was dangerously close to flashing, but they were fun.  On the last song the drummer (who was playing guitar at the time) and bassist both mimed into missing mics whilst the two other members of the band sung.  Hilarious.  We spotted the drummer and bassist in the crowd for CSS later who seemed to be having an awesome time.

Kimya Dawson was another highlight. Her children’s songs were hilarious and the songs from Juno were a big hit.  But not nearly as much as her group hug at the end of her set where she had the whole audience hold hands, wind in and hug.  I’m not sure it’s possible to explain how awesome it was to experience, but it was a thing to behold.

Other bands I remembered seeing…
•    Teenage Fanclub attracted the older people in the audience and were enjoyed as background to dinner from Burger King.
•    Melt Banana seemed frenetically fun but not really to everyone’s taste as friends wanted to leave half way though – which was a shame
•    The Breeders were also good, even if Beccy and I spent most of it playing on the 2p machines at the back.
•    Bon Iver’s set didn’t feel like anything spectacular but the music was nice, so I enjoyed it sat on the floor at the back.  
•    Yann Tierson was fun to watch and had a man on stage reading from a book.
•    Blood Red Shoes seemed like the usual shouty indie.
•    CSS were incredibly fun and decorated the stage with balloons that looked amazing.
•    Tricky threw some god-like moves, was impressive and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
•    Zach Hill’s drummer was clearly accomplished but got a bit dull after a while.
•    Some other bands who’ve all melted into one – woops

Other highlights included the aforementioned 2p machines, the psychedelic carpet (again), crazy dancers, watching other people in the rain, converse parties, gnomes tripping on LSD at a funeral, sarcastic signs, dancing security guards singing ‘stop in the name…’ and checked-shirt spotting.

Thoroughly enjoyed the world’s most polite festival ever and looking forward to going back to next years!

*This was originally posted on my old blog BeanHeartBatman*

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