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Day three: Brand New roadtrip 2009 – Manchester pt2

Today should technically be a day off as Brand New aren’t playing tonight. But Kevin Devine is. In Manchester. So we head back to from whence we came.

I’ve been left in charge of the iPod and a veritable assortment of music is played, including Boys II Men, and animal spotting (sheep races!) keeps those of us in the car happy. We also have the first healthy meal of the tour (no packed lunches for us).

In Manchester we find the others and head for a park. Kevin is supposed to sound check at 6. A variety of circumstances stopped this happening, and us watching, so frisbee in the park and hit-and-miss burgers from McTucky’s put us in good stead for Lost on Campus and the main act.

Lost on Campus, aka Rob, in tow with his mum and a MacBook is a great support act. He plays a series of quintessentially British songs, which sound good even from the toilets.

Kevin is brilliant, but that’s no surprise. He actively seeks out requests and updates older songs to mirror current events – No Time Flat is updated to include current American politics, keeping the song fresh and relevant.

Banter is aplenty, with talk of pasta (penne), pastors, fishsticks and transformers. It feels more like watching a jamming session with a friend rather than a show and this has got to be a big draw to Kevin’s shows – he’s a really nice guy.

With everyones requests played and some songs from the new album we’re all happy and off to Liverpool before heading off to Birmingham tomorrow.

*This was originally posted on my old blog BeanHeartBatman*

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