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Day two: Brand New roadtrip 2009 – Glasgow

Manchester is warm and sunny after yesterday’s downpour. We’ve slept, showered and eaten, care of the Sandown Hotel, and after dropping Jen off we’re making our way to Glasgow for show #2. A quick stop at a service station allows Kam and Louise to eat the same meals again and stock up on roadtrip-mandatory Haribo.

Roughly four hours (and two stops) from Manchester we arrive in the reassuringly identikit Travelodge. Nandos has been spotted and earmarked for dinner, so we’ve four hours to kill. A wander round Glasgow gives us a chance to see some of the beautiful architecture, stop for a drink and try on tiaras in Claire’s, but sadly not much else.

Moneen manage to be even more enthusiastic than last night – which in itself is bloody impressive. They mix up the set and banter with the audience in a way none of the bands managed yesterday. And they seem to have fans here too.

Actually everyone seems more keen – all three bands and the fans. It’s a marked improvement on yesterday. And that’s an understatement. Kevin Devine tacks on Ballgame to the end of his set and plays it beautifully. But the biggest shock is the main band themselves. Brand New play Mixtape, which is almost unheard of in the UK, and 70×7, which no one expected on this tour. There’s no other way to describe it other than immense. Even the security people at the front of the stage couldn’t help smiling at the fans reaction to Mixtape – it was infectious.

Tonight was beyond a doubt the highlight of the two shows so far with old gems making an appearance and lead singer Jesse Lacey actually interacting with the crowd. It seems hard to explain tonight as anything other than immense and awesome.

Tomorrow sees us back to Manchester for Kevin Devine’s headline show at the Retrobar. It’s unlikely have the intense reaction from the crowd as tonight, but here’s hoping.

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