Vampires, boybands and writing for a magazine with a rather dodgy name

So, last Saturday night I spent the evening with the fellow writers, artists and editors of the second issue of local literary mag, Dirty Bristow.

It’s probably worth mentioning now that Dirty Bristow isn’t exactly your typical literary magazine (the name should be the first hint). They actually describe themselves as “dedicated to resurrecting the magazine as a fetish object, giving creative people the room to let their minds go. No ads. No rules.”

Basically some time last year they announced the topic, Beast, and then let us write away for several months. I ended up writing an article on why vampires are the new boybands. Actually it was a bit of a continued rant I’d had at my housemates about why first boybands then vampires appeared to be pushing this really disturbing idea of need-you-forever-die-without-you kind of love that seems to be so toxic. So maybe I got a little feministy, but that’s not a bad thing.

And the guys were good enough not to laugh at me (at least not to my face) and print it. They also printed some other cool articles and some copies even have a cassette – remember those?! I’m yet to find something in the house that will play it, but I’m looking forward to listening to the four cover-songs on there as soon as I get to my mum’s (aka the land of antiques) where I’m hoping she has a tape player.

If you fancy reading my article or if you hate the sound of it and want to read everyone elses or if you want to look really cool and have a magazine they don’t sell at Smiths, then go here my good friends!

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