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Blogmas 2016

I’ve decided to do Blogmas this year!

Well, kinda, I’m doing my version of Blogmas.  For those of you who don’t know, Blogmas is a thing where bloggers, or vloggers (aka vlogmas) try and blog/vlog every day in the run up to Christmas.  I’m not really sure why, but there’s loads of things like Blogtober and Blog Every Day in May and I think bloggers just like a challenge.

But, knowing how long it takes to blog for me on my main blog, I figured I’d do a type of Blogmas, but make it more about gift giving…or rather comment giving.  You see, I always like it when people leave comments on my blog posts, and I’ve been finding that it happens less and less these days, although I know people are still reading.  So this time I’ve decided that for every day in the run up to Christmas, I’m going to post a comment on at least one blog post I read that day.  I guess it’s more like Blog-advent.  It’s simple, it takes a couple of minutes and hopefully it’ll make people smile, the way it does me, when they notice someone has posted.

I’m expecting I’ll mainly post on fellow Brum Blogger posts, but that’s not a rule of my Blogmas challenge, any post I fancy counts but it has to be a blog…and unlike my advent calendar chocolate, I can’t save up the comments and blast a bunch in a day.

To keep me accountable, I’ve made up a quick image (using a creative commons image from Dineshraj Goomany), and will be linking back to the posts below.  Now that I probably will do in batches!

Day 01 – Jess from Jess & Josh Cook explain why she/they are doing blogmas

Day 02 – Jamie explains how to make an amazing sounding Nutella hot chocolate

Day 03 – Rebecca’s experience at the Festive Gift Fair 2016 at the NEC

Day 04 – getting some inspiration for 29 ‘to-dos’ before you go on holiday

Day 05 – checking out the five types of gin you might not know on Sally’s blog

Day 06 – reading about Elizabeth’s wedding dress shopping, because pretty dresses

Day 07embracing festive books and snacks because it mentions Nightmare Before Christmas

Day 08 – a really honest post about how to keep going when it feels like life is against you

Day 09Bullet Journal Christmas planning at Delightful Planner

Day 10 – Poppybead Creative’s year in photography

Day 11 – how Iman from And Then She Said organises her spices

Day 12 – Reading about Becky’s experience at the Blog at the Beach event hosted by Ice Lolly


Day 13 – Rosalilium’s November self-care favourites – an idea I adore!

Day 14 – Tashpantz’s CLC World competition

Day 15 –

Day 16 – Charlotte’s vlogmas day 15

Day 17 –

Day 18 – Sam from Thoughts on Tombs’ Series that went downhill

Day 19 – Kirsty’s five star books of 2016

more soon…

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