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Cycling to the cinema

Photo by Carpathianland (via flickr)

I’d planned to go on a longer cycle today, up to Waseley Hills to try that bloody hill and then off to Earlswood for some cake.  Instead, I slept for ten hours and realised I should probably listen to what my body has been trying to tell me all week and figured a bit of a relaxing day was in order.

So I decided to go to the cinema…but then I realised that to get there on time by best option was to cycle. So I did.

The journey itself is a cut short version of the one I do into work, so something I’m really familiar with and only about four miles.  Whilst usually I wear cycling gear, I went for a half and half approach this time with a base layer and jersey with rolled up jeans (they kept catching so I stopped and rolled them up), and my helmet and gloves.  Much as I admire the people that can look all casual cycling along on their bikes, I just get sweaty, even on journeys I’ve done loads of times before.

I chained my bike up outside, which made me a bit nervous as it’s the first time I’ve left it anywhere that isn’t at work, home or somewhere I can see it.  But there were a few other bikes there, and I was chaining mine up whilst someone else was so that made me feel a bit less anxious.  I checked on it between films and all was fine.

Getting home was a bit problematic as Birmingham city centre seems set up to dissuade cyclists – from the Market which has made New Street impassable, to the ‘cyclists please dismount’ sign along the path through the Paradise Birmingham and Centenary Square developments, and the cyclist dismount sign onto Corporation street and accessing New Street Station.  On a plus side, once I’d gotten my bike to the station a very helpful guard offered up a suggestion on where to take my bike so I could get it on the train home.

Whilst I missed getting out on the bike for a few hours, and enjoying the autumnal sunshine (although still pretty chilly), I think a short cycle and an afternoon in the cinema was the right call.

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