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I have never understood the appeal of going home every night to eat dinner, sit in front of the telly and fall asleep, repeating over and over, living for the weekend.  For me, I think every day can be an adventure, even if it’s just people watching in a coffee shop.  Birmingham is notoriously quite bad about shouting about all the great things going on in the city.  So I thought I’d try and write down some ideas, as much to remind myself, but also hopefully as help for others.  I should probably place a caveat here; these are very much the things that interest me, and there are so many other things out there, that I haven’t covered because I wouldn’t know the first place to look.

There are a bunch of websites like where you can find out about a lot of things happening, the one I go to most is Live Brum, which is the easiest to navigate by day.  I’m also a big fan of weekly emails from I Choose Birmingham and Bell & Smokey which drop into my inbox.  Twitter and Eventbrite are both great places to find things out, but it can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes.

There are some great places which do a whole pile of interesting things and well worth checking out their individual websites:

  • Impact Hub Birmingham – start here if you want to find inspiring, educational and socially conscious events, talks and workshops.  It’s a fabulous place.
  • Kitchen Garden Cafe – nestled in Kings Heath its a bit like finding a secret garden, but has an array of music nights, film showings and storytelling.
  • The mac in Cannon Hill park – an arts complex which is located in a park and so great for daytime wanderings, as well as exhibitions, less mainstream cinema, theatre, creative workshops and the lot.

I’ve made going to the theatre more one of my 2018 challenges, so I’m checking out more of what’s going on (and what I can afford), looking at the obvious places like Birmingham Hippodrome, New Alexandra Theatre and The Rep in town, but also Blue Orange Theatre in JQ, The Crescent and the Old Joint Stock, which all have performances on too.

I spend a lot of time at the cinema and mostly Cineworld because I have a monthly pass, but I also keep an eye out on the websites of The Electric Cinema, mac Birmingham and Impact Hub for special screenings of things a little less mainstream.

Book talks and generally talks by people on topics is something I also enjoy and Waterstones and Impact Hub are both great places to find there.  There are also talks of more well known names at Town Hall and Symphony Hall, sometimes at the Glee Club and then there are monthly talks like Cafe Scientifique and Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub (the latter of which I used to be involved with). 

Often following Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts of interesting venues and promoters can also be a great way to find interesting things to do.

But mainly, just have fun.

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