Month in review – March 2018


This month can mainly categorised by what my boss terms ‘floored by flu’.  I ended up off work for two weeks with the flu, which included the worst sinus pain I’ve ever had, double ear infections, sore throat and the inability to be more than four steps away from a kettle.  Whilst I’m over the worst of it, some of the symptoms are stubbornly sticking around and I’m trying not to push it too much.

What I’ve been watching…

I’ve watched a lot this month, given how much I’ve needed to sit down and not move a lot.  I have managed to get to the theatre a lot, starting with We Are The Lions, Mr Manager at the mac, the This is Elvis to test out if I was well enough to be out of the house and then a week later with Kite Runner.  I also saw two plays over the Easter Weekend about trans men and male identity, which were both fascinating and very different from each other.

Going to the cinema seemed like an easy way to get out of the house but not have to do too much…

Wonder Wheel feels stilted and like some awfully pretentious am-dram play, clumsily filmed. Winslet seems to be really trying but god knows what shoddy source material she’s working with. A very long 1hr 41m.

Lady Bird is an absolute darling of a film, I was genuinely sad when it ended. Great to see a film which understands the friction of mother / daughter relationships growing up, and being a teenage girl.

Red Sparrow felt like a pretty standard film of it’s type, but overly long and a bit dated. Full of male gaze

Timecrimes was an interesting take on time travel that didn’t go for the high octane that most do, but instead had a fiendishly eerie thriller aspect to it.

Syria’s Disappeared was a very powerful and sobering documentary

A Wrinkle in Time is very, very pretty, has a great cast and there’s a lot of warmth there but it just doesn’t quite work, which is a shame because I really wanted it to work.

Unsane was better than I expected, although some pretty big flaws in the story. Claire Foy is superb. Thought the direction and atmospheric feel of the film works well to add to the creepiness.

Proud Mary I saw because Taraji P Henson was the star and I was guaranteed to hear the titular song, both of which I got. But the rest of the film was a bit of a let-down; the cast did their best, but meh

Given I spent two weeks on my sick-sofa, I’ve had a lot of time to make the best use of my Netflix and Amazon Prime memberships.  Some of the TV shows I’ve been binge-watching include Lucifer, The Bold Type, Quantico, Casual, Arrow and catching up with…iZombie and Riverdale.  I also managed to watch a few movies too, including Colossal, The Edge of Seventeen, The Intern and documentary Tickled.

What I’ve been reading…

Honestly, not a lot.  One week was really busy, two weeks I didn’t have enough brain power to focus on reading.  I’ve picked up a few books from the library including Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and The Four Pillar Plan by Dr Rangan Chatterjee which I’m hoping to power through.

Some interesting links I’ve been reading…

Meet The Dominatrix Who Requires The Men Who Hire Her To Read Black Feminist Theory
Mistress Velvet is a dominatrix with a syllabus. 

This St Patrick’s Day I’ll be able to celebrate properly, for the first time
As a mixed-race woman I’ve found I often have to assert my claim to the emerald isle. But now all that’s changing

Stopping the Glorification of ‘Busy’, With Jen Carrington (Podcast)

‘Just’ Say No
It was a ‘permission’ word— a warm-up to a request, an apology for interrupting, a shy knock on a door before asking “Can I get something I need from you?”

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