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Social Circle #5 at 1000 Trades

social circle 5

What’s in store for social media in 2019? After all the negative press, will Facebook lose its grip as one of the biggest social media platforms? Is Snapchat still relevant?  These were just a few questions posed as part of Social Circle’s first meeting for 2019.

Having never been to a Social Circle meeting before, I was curious to discover more, and maybe learn about the latest advancements in social media marketing.

Social Circle began as monthly drinks between friends Kirstie Smith Katie Underwood, Katie Mellers-Hill and Natelle Williams. The group would meet to catch up on the latest in social media marketing, learn a little more, swap stories and better themselves.  They decided to open the circle up wider than the friendship group, and now Social Circle takes place in the upstairs room of 1000 Trades, in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

The evening began with introductions and then each of the team took on looking at some of the world’s biggest social media platforms, and what might be in store for the upcoming year.  It was clear the team are really interested and really knowledgable about the various platforms, and created a welcoming atmosphere that saw some really interesting contributions from the audience.

Here are a few of the notes I made…

Predictions for social media in 2019


  • They will leverage second screen viewing – examples already within PGA (golf) and NBA (basketball) in the UK – NBA allow you to follow one player in the second half
  • Twitter is grouping conversations, will we see more of this?
  • Twitter events dashboard – consumer facing to allow people to follow an event
  • Focusing on user experience, similar to Facebook groups, with conversation starters


  • Demographic is getting older – 25% of users are 25 – 34 years old, but only 7% are 13 – 17 years old
  • Did Facebook struggle in 2018? People feel the algorithm made it difficult to get organic reach, but then the adverts are reaching less people too
    • Facebook’s ability to target certain demographics is great, but it’s not hitting as many people
  • Stories are set to stay
  • If you boost an advert it’ll fo into stories
  • Facebook is moving away from doing everything and instead releasing lots of apps – eg Facebook workplace
  • Facebook has about a quarter of the users of Instagram stories – it’s still a big amount of users, but comparatively not that many
  • Facebook chat bots are becoming more popular – only 30% of businesses use them, but 60% of millennials say they prefer to text them than call
    • does AI technology need to be better to be more successful
  • Voice interaction will become more of a focus with Alexa etc


  • 188 million daily users, with 71% under 34 years old
  • Layout change saw a massive drop in users, not helped my Kylie Jenner tweeting out her dislike for it, which saw another drop in users
  • Ideas implemented rapidly feature on Facebook and Instagram
  • Growing market outside of US and Europe
  • Is it sustainable? Losing money and users
  • Could it be saved by going back to the old layout


  • Their Top Voices list of people who create great content is worth a look
  • Locations haring for messages between connections is useful
  • Can create job alerts for any companies you’d really like to work for. This will then tell the company you’re interested in working for them
  • LinkedIn stories being tested with US college students


  • Rumours of stand-alone shopping app – Instagram Shopping
  • Do people want another app? Instagram for the pictures and stories, shopping app for more of the shopping – people want separation?
  • Bringing in parent / child for brands – ie one large brand with multiple locations
  • Fake authenticity – Lil Miquela, a fictional character who will be 19 forever
    • Are people getting fed up of fake influencers and followers – Instagram doesn’t feel as connected, more quick fire
      • do people feel more connection to influencers on YouTube?
  • ‘Instagrammable’ locations are becoming a big thing in physical locations to encourage people to upload to Instagram
    • Like Tattu in Birmingham – everyone’s seen lots of photos of the location and people in it, but what’s the food like?
  • More gamification in Instagram?

Guest speaker – Roshni Natali

The second half of the evening was a talk by Roshni Natali, digital communications specialist and GirlDreamer’s academy facilitator.  Roshni talked about working in London before experiencing burn out that turned into a month of sleep and a gap year to have a clear out.  But more importantly, what she learnt from this, looking at why people have stopped dreaming and offering six steps to being a Daydream Believer

  1. Understand your daydream believer – what does success look like?
  2. Identify your goals – break them down, look at where you are and where you want to be…how do you get there?
  3. Write down your why – and remember it
  4. Find a buddy to keep you on track
  5. Create an action plan – but allow for flexibility
  6. Review – set targets and look at how you’ll measure success

With less time because of the discussions around social media marketing predictions, the audience weren’t able to try and create their own action plan – but we were left with the steps to think about on the way home.

The next Social Circle event will take place on Wednesday 27 February at 1000 Trades. Tickets are free but you need to register.  Find out more on their twitter page

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