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Social Circle #6 at 1000 Trades

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After enjoying last month’s Social Circle, I returned to 1000 Trades for another evening of learning more about the world of digital marketing.

The evening started with the usual introductions and look towards what’s new in the world of digital marketing.  There was a look at the Twitter Prototype Programme, a ‘beta’ way to test the new platform which is aimed to fix twitter.  It is being touted as an easier to use system, which uses shapes and colour to denote replies and follow responses.  LinkedIn are looking at testing reactions (think like the ones on Facebook), which is being aimed to encourage engagement.  There’s also the opportunity to place powerpoint presentations in LinkedIn, so people are no longer having to link to external sites.  Facebook Messenger is possibly looking to link together all messages from platforms owned by the company, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has also bought GrokStyle, an artificial intelligence shopping startup.  Questions were posed about what this might mean for Instagram, especially as it allows people to search for products and see them in context.  Instagram is also testing new stickers, like donate buttons and quizzes with multiple choice.  Instagram’s IGTV is appearing more about more in people’s feeds, and Instagram is heavily investing in it so it’s more fo a seamless experience.  But people hate that you have to watch the whole thing, so Instagram are also looking at the YouTube style pull to the base screen.

A bit late to the game up LinkedIn are looking at live video.  It’s a bit late to the game, but they’re seeing more popularity and engagement in it.  YouTube are testing split screen on web / desktop, like you can in the mobile.

Instagram sent a press release to say that they’re looking at safeguarding and will be removing some stuff, even things like healed scars from self-harming.  There were questions on whether this is a sense that we need to have some responsibility on what we consume, but also how effective this policy will be.


Pinterest with Rebecca Meekings

The main talk of the evening was from Rebecca Meekings, Paid Social Manager for iProspect, a digital performance marketing agency.  Rebecca’s talk looked at Pinterest, a platform she believes that it’s often a bit forgotten about in social media circles, especially in marketing.

Rebecca’s focused on five areas: leverage the mindset, focus on brand discovery, benefit from search places, less crowded advertising space and paid pins live on organically.

Rebecca told the audience that people using Pinterest are actively looking for things, and rarely just killing time in the way they might mindlessly scroll through another platform.  Over 90% of users were said to plan purchases with Pinterest, and 47% more likely to find new brands using the platform than others, and take an average of 3 – 6 month to prospect.  Typically people search for something without including a brand and there is basic retargeting.  Marketeers can use Pinterest to make sure their adverts really target the right users but adding a number of keywords to ensure they’re relevant, and with it being a less crowded space there is often better value found spending advertising budget on Pinterest over more heavily saturated platforms.  Another benefit was that once a paid pin is no longer in its advertising space, it will still live on organically and earn engagements after the campaign has ended, unlike other social media sites.

The Golden Circle

Having run out of time last month, the Golden Circle took place to judge the favourite marketing campaigns from last year.  Five campaigns were put forward: Three, Burger King, Spotify, Nike and Iceland.  All five were championed by one of the Social Circle team and it was put to public vote in the room by which was considered to be the best of the group.  In the end Three was considered the winner, with special shout outs to Royal Navy’s snowflake and Mastercard’s ‘goals for meals’ campaigns as being particular bloopers.

The next Social Circle Birmingham will be on Thursday 28 March, at 1000 Trades in the JQ. Tickets are not yet available, but check to find out more.

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